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Occupational Medicine

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Occupational Medicine

About Occupational Medicine

Occupational medicine at Catalyst Medical Group offers big benefits to both employees and employers in and around the LC Valley in Lewiston, Idaho. Dr. Mallory, lives locally and is particularly passionate about the health and wellness of the whole community. Thank you for visiting us online. Learn more about our wide-ranging occupational medicine services and schedule your appointment by calling the VMC office at 208.746.1383. 

Occupational Medicine Providers

Occupational Medicine Q & A

What is occupational medicine?

Occupational medicine is medical care focusing on health and safety in the workplace. At Catalyst Medical Group, multi-specialty experts use evidence-based medicine and personalized patient care to bring the highest standard of quality patient care to working people and their employers. 

The practice owners are providers who live and work in the Lewis-Clark community. They understand the factors that contribute to health and wellness, particularly as it relates to the workplace. 

This in-depth knowledge allows the team to thoroughly customize occupational medicine care for your needs and your employer’s needs. 

What does occupational medicine encompass?

Occupational medicine includes many different aspects of medical care for employees and employers. Some occupational medicine services available at Catalyst Medical Group include: 

  • Pre-employment physicals
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals
  • Annual work physicals
  • Treatment of on-the-job and work-related injuries
  • Lab testing, such as drug testing after on-the-job accidents 
  • Radiology services like X-rays
  • Treatment plan assessments

At Catalyst Medical Group, Dr. Mallory emphasizes health betterment through preventive care. Working with Dr. Mallory to improve your health can have wide-ranging benefits for you and your employer.

Who benefits from occupational medicine?

Occupational medicine helps employers improve their employees’ health, boost work performance, reduce absenteeism, and improve job satisfaction. 

Plus, occupational medicine is an effective way to make medical care more affordable and accessible for both employers and employees.

Catalyst Medical Group simplifies the occupational medicine process because they have many different medical specialties under one roof. Instead of traveling to a specialist’s office, chances are one of the many specialists on the team can help. 

If you value convenience, would like to improve your employee health while cutting your healthcare costs, occupational medicine could be a great fit for your organization. 

Helping their community to grow healthier and making medical care affordable for employers and employees are major goals for the entire Catalyst Medical Group team.

They’re proud to offer the most extensive occupational health services in the valley, if your visit online didn’t answer your questions, please reach out by calling the VMC office at 208.746.1383. 

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