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About Laboratory

Lab testing can give you and your provider insight into the way your body functions. The CMG  providers use the in-house laboratory at Catalyst Medical Group in Lewiston, Idaho, to perform tests on your blood, urine, or other samples efficiently.

We provide services to outside providers, with an order sent to our department. Thank you for visiting us online. 

Laboratory Providers

Laboratory Q & A

What are lab tests?

A lab test is a diagnostic tool that the providers at Catalyst Medical Group use, to evaluate samples of your blood, saliva, urine, or tissues. Your healthcare team obtains the sample and sends it to the in-office lab.

You might get a lab test to:

  • Check for signs of an infection
  • Identify changes in your body’s chemistry
  • See how well a treatment is working
  • Monitor the progress of disease across time

When analyzing your lab test results, Catalyst Medical Group compares them to normal numbers for people of the same age, gender, and race as you. They may also compare them to your results from a previous lab test to see how your health changes over time.

What should I expect during my lab test?

Catalyst Medical Group offers an easy and convenient way to get lab testing done, by having a laboratory department in house.  Our lab is the busiest from opening until about 10:00 AM. Unless you are required to fast, it’s best to come see us during off-peak hours. Walk-ins and lab orders from providers outside of Catalyst Medical group are welcomed. 

Blood testing

A trained phlebotomist helps you relax before finding a vein and puncturing it with a needle. They draw your blood through the needle and into a tube to obtain the sample they test.

Urine testing

If you need a urine test, you will go into a private bathroom and catch some of your urine in a sterile container. Then a lab technician will collect it from you. 

How long does it take to get lab test results?

Catalyst Medical Group will send the results to the ordering provider as soon as they are done. Depending on the lab test it can take 24 hours for the lab to complete the test to 1 week.

Please give your provider a couple days to call you with the results. If the results are emergent, the lab calls the provider directly and you will hear from them immediately. 

The lab has evening and weekend hours. Visit the homepage to view our lab hours. The lab is walk-in only and can draw labs for patients outside Catalyst Medical Group. An order from your provider is required for your test.

If your visit online didn’t address your needs, please call Catalyst Medical Group at 208.746.1383 for additional guidance.

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